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Sustainable gardening with intercropping and companion planting      rose - Princess diana
General rules to intercropping plants that like or are beneficial to each other   Growing tips for intensive planting in small spaces and general companion planting tips

Tomatoes with asparagus

Beans with carrots, corn, and cauliflower

Beets with onions or kohlrabi

Members of cabbage family with potatoes or celery or aromatic herbs

Leeks with onions, celery or carrots

Turnips with peas

Pole beans and radishes


Plants that grow tall (beans, corn) can be planted on the sunny side of those that like some shade (squash, eggplant, peppers).

Plant onions close together (approx. 2 inches) and pull out those that are closer than 5-6 in. apart to use as green onions.

When onions are harvested, pop in a lettuce start in its spot in early fall or spring harvests.

Roses like garlic and leeks.

Plant tomatoes with roses to help with black spot.

Corn likes potatoes, peas, beans, cucumber, pumpkin & squash.

Plants that dislike each other - DO NOT PLANT   Herbs that are beneficial with vegetables/fruits

Beans with onions, garlic or gladiolus

Beets with pole beans

Cabbage family with strawberries, tomato or pole beans

Potatoes with pumpkin, squash, cucumber, tomato, sunflower, or raspberry.

Bush beans and fennel


Plant summer savory with beans (and cook together too)

Plant chamomile with onions and cabbages

Plant marigold with eggplant

Plant basil with tomatoes

Plant oregano with broccoli

Plant rosemary with carrots, onions, leeks

Plant nasturtiums with squash

Nasturtiums improve growth and flavor of nearby fruits and vegetables

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