About us

Our Mission

Provide educational outreach and support to Sacramento families and individuals
who can benefit from ecologically sustainable home gardens.

  • Education and support in sustainable gardening
    • Engaging people in healthy gardening which supports sustainability and the growing of food
    • Information through website and pamphlets
    • Mini workshops – ex. Soil Food Web and the basics to a healthy home garden; eco-friendly landscapes and gardens; how to build and plant a raised-bed garden
    • Presentations - principles of sustainable urban gardening
    • Media outreach – radio program: ex. how to grow an organic vegetable garden

    Our Vision

    We are dedicated to educating our city and its residents about the benefits of healthy, diversified landscapes that not only beautify neighborhoods, are earth friendly and can feed families as well.

    Building healthy families – through family gardening

    • Education in ecology & botany
    • Healthy, fun family activity that provides exercise while working for a family goal
    • Provides stress reduction in a fast moving world
    • Supplements food budgets
    • Develop healthy relationships with community as gardeners
    Food security, hunger, and safety – growing nutritious food

    • Availability of fresh food, grown without chemical toxins
    • Provide proper nourishment and five-a-day fruits and vegetables
    Living sustainably

    • Practice good stewardship of our land
    • Water conservation, lessen water and air pollution, and green waste
    • Diverse ecologically healthy gardens and landscapes

    We welcome your questions, suggestions, and your help in supporting Sacramento's sustainable landscapes. For more information about Sustainable Urban Gardens in Sacramento, contact us at info@sacgardens.org