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We first became aware of Sacramento's Front Yard Landscape Ordinance 17.68.010 in April 2004. 

April 24, 2004

 - To her, it's a vegetable garden; to the city, it's a code violation
The Sacramento Bee

June 22, 2006
 - Some Digging in for fight - pdf -Draft ordinance limits growing of vegetables in front yards
The Sacramento Bee
November 9, 2006
 - Editorial: Peas in our time, Armistice needed with front yard gardeners - pdf
The Sacramento Bee
December 7, 2006
 - Push for urban-garden rights sprouts into political movement -pdf
The Sacramento Bee


December 21, 2006
- Editorial notebook - Fallow ground - pdf
The Sacramento Bee

January 3, 2007
KXJZ’s “Insight” in-depth interview program hosted by Jeffrey Callison, featured the urban garden issue on the second half of their hour-long program.

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(After the "Insights" introduction, you can move the media bar forward to the halfway point to hear the entire segment on front yard gardens.)


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illegal front yard

February 1, 2007
  - Sustainability gains ground - pdf
Sacramento News & Review


March 2007
  - Law and Order, City zoning code is
- pdf
Inside the City, Inside East Sacramento, Inside Arden Publications


March 26, 2007
  - Editorial: Needed: A peas treaty -pdf
The Sacramento Bee


April 10, 2007
  - Editorial: Victory for veggies -pdf
The Sacramento Bee


April 12, 2007
  - Grow on, gardeners told
The Sacramento Bee

Urban gardens / Consuming clones

growing vegetables in the front yard

Urban gardens 
Did you know that Sacramento has a law that limits vegetable gardens in your front yard? Today on Insight, local garden advocates and city council members tell you about the 1941 law and current efforts to do away with the restrictions.
Consuming clones - The FDA has approved the consumption of meat and milk from cloned animals. Find out what local dairy owners think, and what they'll do.